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Rockin' Crafts

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Un-crappy crafts
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Show us pictures of your baked goods, fancy toilet covers, spaghetti-monster hat, bizarre embroidery, sensual squid doodles, angry cross-stitch, booze-related recipies and anal-retentive sewing projects! Anything goes, unless it's crap.

We're pretty laid back. Don't say anything mean unless it's hilarious. Nudity and swear words are encouraged. Sell your fuzzy pink bullshit somewhere else.

I am the moderator! shes_a_wee_lass
badassitude, baking, beer bread, butter, cooking, crafty planet, crewel, cross stitch, cupcakes, drawing, embroidery, experimental needlepoint, fancy pantsery, floss color codes, food processing, measuring cups, mixin' stuff, naughty haiku, needle point, painting, pies, pies!, sewing, spatulas, un-crappy crafts, unloved clothing