mpls_mama (mpls_mama) wrote in surly_n_crewel,

My First Chrocheted Hat

ere it is, in all of it's crazy glory.

I need to take a better picture of it so you can actually SEE it, but you get the jist. I am going to make a skullie next, then a newsboy hat. After that, I will be ready to take on Melody's cat hat. Prepare yourself for more upcoming awesome.
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Didja see the squid hat? So cool it hurts. I need to learn to knit or something. Man.

I love the 'model' face Noah is making in this picture, too. It's all Derek Zoolander. ;)
OMG! You are right. He is totally Derek Zoolander! I just thought he looked high. ;]

Learning to crochet is easier than knitting. But all the cool patterns out there are for knitters. Unfortunately, I'm not good enough yet to make up my own. I'm still using patterns that are for labeled "short bus riders."

But, hey! You can sew! Make a squid hat from felt. That would be keeler.