I want to show you what the stars are made of. (cherryheavy) wrote in surly_n_crewel,
I want to show you what the stars are made of.

to SAVE the princess zelda

First up we have Christian Michael modeling his Link costume.

Also, my filthy house. Look, either I can sew, or I can clean. I don't get paid enough for both.

My father commissioned me to make him a vest out of the thousands of Crown Royal bags he had collected. Modeled by the larger-than-my-father Jay.

And then here's a corset and skirt set that I made for my friend who was going to the LA premier of Return of the King.

Check out my sissy's ass!

I made this in exchange for some day passes to a lame ass fairy hippy festival. (So I could see Rasputina!)

And I made this coat for my friend Noah, for his carnival ensemble Societes Insomnium. Also, I am ultra sexy in this picture.

Here is a pretty corset I made to order.

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